Lino Lavista is an Italian pop / RnB-songwriter and music producer. From a young age discovered Lino Lavista his passion for music and starts with smaller performances. After vocal studies he enters 2003 under the name "Pasquale" for the first time with their own songs in front of a larger audience. Among other things, as part of a showcase appearance opening for famous bands at the Open Air book.

Since 2004, Pasquale "Lino Lavista" calls. After several TV appearances in Italy, he won in 2007 with the song "Balla Bella" twice the Stargovia Contest of Radio Argovia and released his debut album "Emozione Diversa". Under the own music label "Music Evolution", he produced since 2008 in addition to his own songs for other artists.
Lino Lavista operates in the following years, with stars like the rapper and producer Fiumi, Tony Castell, the guitarist of Krokus, or the French rapper frapo together. This gives rise to a number of singles and video clips.
2010 produced Schakemy Records from Basel for Lino the House song "Guardami In Faccia". That same year, the Spanish producer Toni G produced with Kato Jimnez & Luis Vazquez Linos House song "Una Favola"; This will be published under the label Atope Music in Spain.
2013 produced Lino Lavista a new Latino-pop song entitled "Quest`estate". These two remixes produced by DJ Dune from Zurich and RemiJay from Italy. At the same time the company Double Keys turns a video clip to.
In 2014, video clips follow the RnB song "Voglio Navigare" and a version of the Italian rapper shot.
With the 2015 Latino-produced song "Sempre Lei" Lino Lavista participates in the casting for the Euro Vision Song Contest. Hit-producer Sunrider (The Bomb), Tom Oliver (Cafe del Mar) and Frystal DJ (The Flute) control remixes for the album with.

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